Book your flamenco show in Seville

The best flamenco show in Seville in which you will feel very close to the roots of flamenco art in its three aspects. An hour of singing, guitar and flamenco dancing that will awaken all the passion you have inside.

You will feel it. You will get excited. You will enjoy.

Our flamenco show is a journey full of art, tradition and feeling through the different flamenco styles, such as soleá, bulerías, alegrías or tangos.

Every day our flamenco artists will awaken your senses through their art and feeling.


1 Hour


At 19:00h. and at 20:30h.


Adults: €22 – Children: €12 – Students <25: €16 – Seniors >65: €16

Our show lasts an hour, and at the end you can talk and take pictures with our flamenco singers, guitarists and dancers.